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Shopify is better than any other platform we’ve played with, and we’ve played with them all. Our Expert Shopify developers and designers work with your business to build a custom-tailored eCommerce store that converts more visitors into customers.


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1 - A Shopify* eCommerce Store
2 - Merchant Account
3 - Online Payment Processing Setup
4 - A choice of free domain names
5 - Customized Development and Design
6 - Google Analytics Integration
7 - Social Media Integration
8 - On-Page SEO
*When you open up your Shopify account through SalesJet™ a Shopify Partner

Who We Are

Assisting Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

Salesjet offers eCommerce solutions for Small and Enterprise store owners. We have helped many shop keepers get their business online and start selling 24×7

With years of expertise have a very suitable understanding of your business and come up with the best solution for your business.

Merchant Payment Processing System

Trusted Payment Solutions for Merchants

We are partners with First Data and others to get you approved. Our partners payment processing solutions deliver the innovation and security you and your customers demand to keep pace in this ever-changing marketplace. Partners will help you increase revenue, reduce costs and minimize risk.

1 - Secure and compliant processing platforms
2 - Comprehensive online payment options
3 - Redundant infrastructure, 24/7 availability

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Super fast services & 100% uptime!

- Taler

100% uptime! My websites have never been offline. I KNOW where SalesJet is located!) Staff is great, easy to work with! Telephone support is always available, and staff always resolve things.

Professional and User Friendly Website

- Adam West

My business never had a website, so I approached SalesJet to design our website. It came out very elegant and I am very satisfied with the finished product

Frequently Asked Questions

SalesJet's initial focus on what your existing Internet and Social Media presence is. What products and services you want to bring to the market, and how you want your company and brand to be represented.

US Based Company. Headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada

Salesjet Develops SEO, Search Engine and User Friendly Websites.

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